Student reviews recent homecoming game and dance

Written by Christina Beck

On September 23, Abraham Lincoln High School had their homecoming football game against Ames. Within the second quarter of the game, two injuries had already occurred for the Abraham Lincoln High School team; Nash Sorenson and Dalton Ebertowski. The game ended with a score of seven for Abraham Lincoln High School, and 28 for Ames.

Although Abraham Lincoln High School didn’t win their homecoming, it didn’t greatly affect the spirits of those who went to their homecoming dance. Spirits were high all throughout the night. Students clearly enjoyed the DJ’s songs as they danced all night and it was visible as the whole crowd would jump around to a song that they greatly enjoyed.

Just before the coronation for the night began, a dance battle quickly fired up and broke out in the corner of the lunch room where the dance floor was. The crowd quickly gathered to watch as five different students joined in. Loudest cheers went to Nolan Peters when he jumped in and mock danced.

“I thought [the dance battle] was getting too boring because everyone else was just watching,” Peters said.

As it neared the end of the night, the coronation took place. All of the students gathered in the commons and made a long walkway for all of the elected representatives for classes and candidates for king and queen to come down. Each couple was called to make their way down and a little was told about each and every single one of them.

Last year’s winners of king and queen, Dillon Gibson and Tori Albertus returned to crown this year’s king and queen. First announced as Homecoming King, was Ben Jones, and Dillon Gibson placed the golden grown on him as loud cheers erupted from the onlooking students.

“I didn’t think I was going to win. It felt cool because I knew that a lot of people in the school voted for me,” Jones said.

Next, after a tense silence, Paige Holeton was announced as the Homecoming Queen and Tori Albertus placed this year’s queen crown on her head as cheers erupted from the crowd once again.

“I did not think I was gonna win,” Paige Holeton said. “It felt shocking and good to win.”

Although Abraham Lincoln High School didn’t win their homecoming game, students still had fun at the dance and a good time with friends.

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Dr. Bruckner encourages students and parents to vote

On Sept. 13 there is a very important ballot vote that students and parents should be aware of: a one-question ballot that asks voters to extend the PPEL levy by ten years.  

The PPEL levy stands for “Physical Plant and Equipment” and it covers many things that are beneficial to the school district. For example it covers the cost of general maintenance and equipment and more.

“It supports school infrastructure, roofs, driveways, furnaces, air conditioning. It also supports technology, and we are asking patrons to extend it for 10 years, not to increase, just to extend it,” said Superintendent Dr. Martha Bruckner.

Without the ten year extension the district would have to balance $2.85 million on top of the general funds it takes to run a school district. Balancing this money with cause more budget pressure that the district will have to face.

“I can’t tell anyone how to vote i can just ask people to please for all of our students who are 18 could vote and all students ask their parents to vote,” Bruckner said.


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The death of Prince

Written by: Christina Beck

On April 21, 2016, the Prince of music, real name of Prince Rogers Nelson, was found dead at his recording studio at his Paisley Park residence in Minnesota. At first, many thought that this news was a hoax, especially after the false rumors over the past few years, but later in the day, Prince’s publicist released a statement saying, “It is with profound sadness that I am confirming that the legendary, iconic performer, Prince Rogers Nelson, has died”. She did not elaborate on the cause of his death.

“Prince was a legend, a model, a great musician… He has inspired so many people to be themselves. It’s very devastating that he has passed… He was a very unique man, and his style in music was perfect,” said Jamie Wells, a sophomore at Abraham Lincoln High School. She grew up to Prince and was a large fan of him ever since a young age.

Fans of Prince all over the world have been expressing their sorrows and shock. Fans laid purple flowers around the compound in tribute, and musicians all over the world hailed Prince and his legacy. Many on Twitter have sent out a tweet expressing their sadness, receiving the news of Prince’s death.

“A lot of people are going to miss Prince… he was such a huge inspiration for some people. He didn’t care what people thought and he wasn’t afraid to be as out there as he wanted. He really showed that in his music too. I think when a star dies like David Bowie or Prince it kind of takes people along with it, because they’re part of who people are when they grow up listening to them. I haven’t [gone to a Prince concert] but I definitely would have liked to go,” said sophomore Feilan Rhodes, a fan of prince since she was a young age as well.

Recently, Prince has been canceling a couple of his recent shows due to health issues, but the media had been told that Prince had the flu. A few days before his death, Prince’s plane had to make an emergency landing  from a performance in Atlanta, due to more health issues. At the time, the media was told that Prince was suffering from a bad case of the flu.

Prince first became most famous in the 1980s when his Purple Rain movie came out, and soon followed the Purple Rain soundtrack of the movie. During his time of fame ever since the 1980s, Prince has had multiple hit songs, been nominated for 21 awards, and has won 14 of those nominations. He’s won awards ranging from Oscars, to Golden Globes, to Grammys. Prince was a large idol ever since his album Purple Rain, and he will forever live on through his legacy, his music, and his fans.

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Echoes Newspaper, Vol. 115, Issue 9 is now online!

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March Madness. Written by Hunter Gerriets

College Basketball fans of all team have been waiting all year for march madness the tournament where 68 teams are selected on march 13th to play in the tournament in what’s know as selection sunday. the first  game’s starting on the 17th and the championship game is April 4th. Teams play single-elimination games all throughout march having five rounds until the final two teams play for the championship. The games that the fans and the athletes wait for all year the games to decide the champion team of the year.

Fans of all ages start to make their prediction in brackets after the teams are announced then they watch and hope their predictions are correct about which teams will win and which teams will can have vary spafict ways they make their brackts weather it’s using stats ,guessing, or only looking at certain aspects of a team. After selection sunday the teams are looked at and put into the brackets as the people see fit.

Many fans of march madness go out and watch every game and during the games hope that the teams they like will go on to the next round. As the tournament winds down fans start to be more selective and hopeful for the teams that are playing cheering for their team hopping that the teams they choose come out as the victor.

A large competitive atmosphere is created no matter where you are at a game or at home watching it with friends and family. The athletes of teams play to come out on top after attempting to play the best games of the season to move on.The fans watch to get the rush of the game as they watch their favorite team or teams play the game at their best fighting for the win to be one step closer to the finals. The fans always keep coming back year after year to watch to games wanting their team to win.

March madness is the tournament that basketball fans wait for all year because they have a more competitive spirit during the torment games only wanting their team to move on or for their bracket to be right. Being the time of year where fans gather to watch and cheer and the athletes play their best for the win.

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Alumni Opinion Column. Written by Francisco Franco

After being in college for a year and a half at Iowa Western Community College there are some experiences  that you encounter that are easy to deal with. Then there are some that you learn later on that would have helped at the start of your first year in college. I would like to impart  with you some important tips I believe that are beneficial when trying to stay on top and balanced in your first year of college.

 First is going to your classes and getting there on time. I know you probably hear this now and think nothing of it, but it can make or break your college experience. There will be no one telling you to get up and go to class. Maybe you have early classes, maybe you forgot to do homework and pulled an all nighter, or it’s just not an interesting class. No matter what the reason you need to find a reason that motivates you to go. Once you fall behind it is a tough road to catch up because you miss so much information.  

Secondly, it is hard finding time to do your assignments. Unlike high school, you don’t spend the majority of your day in class. You have to find time in your schedule to do the assignments you have; although you don’t always have to do it alone. You can find or make a study group that meets so you can all do it together and if one has a question someone else might have an answer to it. You can also ask your instructor for help because believe or not they are there to help you.

Lastly, finding a job that’s flexible with your schedule. Mostly, your classes will be scheduled for a specific time, but you also have outside activities to and group projects, in some cases, to consider. When finding a job you must see if they are understanding of your educational needs and that if they can be flexible. You could ask friends who have jobs is they are hiring or look around for a job you like. This will be tricky at first and if you end up not finding one there are sometimes jobs on campus you could take. The nice part about these jobs they will always put school first.  

To help you with some of the tips I have given you there are some things you can do. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself, get enough sleep, eat healthily, and every once and a while  turn off anything that can distract you to help keep you focused. Don’t forget to set some time for studying and doing your assignments. Keep in touch with your professors because you never know when the need will arise and you need to get a hold of them.  

I hope my tips will be beneficial to you as you start to explore your own college experience.

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Echoes Newspaper, Vol. 115, Issue 2 is now online!

The 2nd Issue of the 2015-2016 school year is now online. Here’s the link:

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Echoes Newspaper, Vol. 115, First Day Issue is now online!

The First Day Issue of the 2015-2016 school year is now online. Here’s the link :

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Bet Motivates JROTC to Reach Goal in Fundraiser

Story by Ricardo Lopez

A win win situation. The 2015 spaghetti fundraiser of JROTC for the students of Lt. Col. Ament. The spaghetti sale started Feb. 21 and ended a month later on March 21. To make the fundraiser more interesting and fun both the cadets and the Lt. Col. made a bet. If the students sold roughly 1,000 spaghetti tickets he would wear makeup and a dress, but if they did not reach their goal, they would have to be the ones that would be wearing makeup and the dress.

“The bet was originally to motivate the cadets to sell more tickets and be more successful and the team that sold the most tickets would be able to get a prize, but the real prize was to see them in their outfits,” junior Evan Coenen said.

While Ament participated this time he said that he doubts that he will do it again this year.

“It is kind of embarrassing since I never want to portray the Air Force nor the Corps in a comical light. However, I gave my word and our first corps value is integrity first. Besides, it takes way too long to put on the makeup in the morning,” Ament said.

The JROTC plans to have at least three functions the upcoming year, but Ament will not be dressing as a woman any time soon.

IMG_2288 (1)

Photo by Dani Rambo


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Echoes Newspaper, Vol. 114, Issue 9 is now online!

The 9th Issue of the 2014-2015 school year is now online. Here’s the link :

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