8th graders are introduced to more and bigger opportunities

Ethan Shellito – Reporter

Coming to an AL high school near you in the fall of 2018, new freshmen! Recently 8th graders from Kirn visited AL to see the school they will be attending in the fall. The new students will be open to a whole new variety of classes and clubs next year. When the 8th graders arrived they were welcomed by a tunnel of student leaders.  

Every year we try to do more to help 8th graders transition to high school with the hope that a smoother transition will allow them to experience more success in 9th grade,” said Guidance Counselor Christy Heckman

The 2018 – 19 freshmen are being encouraged early to get involved with activities and classes they are interested in.

“It was my second time MCing the 8th grade visit day. This year we focused on encouraging incoming freshman to find their niche by getting involved with the many different activities offered here at AL,” said Senior Moises Morales.

8th grader day was not only show them the school, it’s to show many opportunities they’ll be open to and encourage them to grasp them. When the 8th graders visited they got to enjoy performances from groups like, Show Choir, Journalism, Improv and more.

The AL visit was a great experience for me and I enjoyed it very much. When I think about coming to AL I think of all the opportunities I will have to express myself and I’m super excited,” said 8th grader Greenlee Spetman.

In the fall Kirn’s 8th graders will transition to a new school, full of opportunities to shape their future.

Photo by Jordan Schnackenberg


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