First Day of School Reactions

Aidan Morgan and Jonathyn Stiverson

The first day of school for students can be stressful.  After a long summer, returning to school can be a sudden change. Especially for freshmen, adjusting to the new atmosphere can be a task of varying difficulty.

The viewpoints of the first day differ from freshman to seniors.  The freshmen are worried about finding their locker, whereas the seniors are worrying about how much work they have and extra curricular activities.

Many students have particular goals already set for this year. Whether those be through extra-curricular activities or grades.

“I hope to make it on at least jazz choir or all state, and if not, both,” freshman Alexis Phillips said. “I also hope to try out for student council,”

The school year is an excellent time to branch out socially as well, “I’m most excited to see friends again,” freshman Dalton Pregon said.

How the day went differs from student to student.

“It was really good,” sophomore Vera Clark said.  “I was a little hesitant though with a whole bunch of new freshmen coming in; other than that it was good.”

Some students had some difficult parts of their day.

“The most difficult part of my day was traveling back and forth between AL and Tucker Center,” Clark said.

Some parts of the day were easier than others.

“The easiest part of my day was lunch,” Clark said.

The first day of school can be a time of mixed feelings among students. However, the first day of school is just one of many more to come in an excellent school year, and there will be many more goals, worries, and reliefs.


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