Mayor Primaries

Jonathyn Stiverson and Ethan Shellito

On Oct. 10, Council Bluffs held a primary election between three candidates running for mayor of Council Bluffs. No, this does not mean there’s a new mayor yet. The primary election is how they narrow down to only two candidates for the general election on Nov. 7. In the primary election between current mayor, Matt Walsh, and candidates Scott Belt, and Shawn Burgstrom, Walsh and Belt advanced to the general election.

Do you know the feeling when you turn in a test you’re nervous because waiting for those test grades can be really stressful? That’s what it was like for candidate Scott Belt.

“Yeah I think you’re always nervous. Against someone who has a little more contact with the media and the press,” Belt said.

What Belt is trying to say is Walsh is a well-known name around Council Bluffs. Therefore, if more people know who he is, they’re more likely to vote for him.

A big topic for our candidate is the levee system. The city of Council Bluffs is protected from flooding with a levee system. In 2006 after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the national government told all cities protected by a levee system that all of the levees needed to be certified.

“The primary goal is to get the flood levees recertified,” Walsh said.

Although it’s going to cost the city quite a lot of money and that’s why nothing has been done about it yet. If the flood levees do not get recertified all of the people in the flood areas would have to pay for flood insurance in case of another mass flood, like in 2010.

Are you interested in going into politics someday? Are you interested in getting into current mayor Matt Walsh’s position? Take some advice from Walsh himself.

“Like anything you want to be successful in you need to study, and be open to adapt to a new opinion. And more importantly do your research,” Walsh said.


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