Eighth Grade Night Promo

Christina Beck, Managing Editor

As we’re reaching towards the end of the second trimester seniors are getting closer and closer towards their graduation. On the other hand: as seniors leave, new freshmen will be coming in. It can be intimidating for new incoming freshmen since they’re moving from their middle school into an even bigger school. Luckily for them, an eighth grade night is held for those who want to come and check out the clubs that Abraham Lincoln holds.

On Feb. 12, eighth grade night will allow the incoming freshmen to visit in the commons with the numerous amount of clubs that A.L. hosts. Clubs such as chess, journalism, drama, robotics, and so many more set up areas for the incoming freshmen to look at and interact with.

Getting a feel for some of the clubs that you can join can be extremely interesting and even make those incoming freshmen feel excited for their transition into high school. Since many teachers are the leaders of such clubs, this is also an opportunity for students to meet some of their potential teachers and give those teachers a first impression of the type of student(s) they are. Parents are also welcomed, and encouraged, to attend with their child so that they can discuss the future with their children and help them to find clubs that they’d be interested in, and meet those teachers as well.

Eighth grade night is a great opportunity for students to find clubs to get involved with so that they can get involved early in their new school.


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