In Memory of Stephen Hawking

Christina Beck, Managing Editor

Stephen Hawking. He was the man who proposed the world would come to an end since it once had a beginning; the man who determined that black holes are not, in fact, completely silent but rather emit radiation. He is the one that stated that if humans wished to continue living, they would eventually have to leave Earth.

Hawking attended Oxford. Despite being diagnosed with motor neuron disease just before his 21st Birthday and being told that it was not expected he would not live past two more years, Hawking continued on to earn his doctorate. A fellow scientist in Cambridge developed a synthetic speech device which enabled him to speak through using a touchpad. He also earned his PhD and became one of the most amazing scientists to this day. Over the course of his career, Hawking continued to study the basic laws of the universe, using these to develop his theories.

Hawking also became a famous writer, interpreting complicated science into an easier translation for anyone so that they could better understand. He even had guest appearances in shows such as the Big Bang Theory. He wrote many nonfiction books, and even created a series of books for middle schoolers with his daughter, Lucy Hawking. Hawking was also once reportedly offered knighthood, but turned it down ten years later due to problems with the British Government’s funding for science.

Hawking’s death has been compared to a star dying out, and a large loss for humanity. Many pay him tribute, showing just how much this amazing man who overcame so much will be truly missed. Hawking passed away March 14, 2018 in his home in Cambridge at age 76.


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