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The Echoes is published and distributed by the Journalism Department’s newspaper staff at Abraham Lincoln High School in Council Bluffs, Iowa. It exists to serve as an open forum for the students, faculty, staff, administration and community; an “echo” of ALHS.

All state and federal laws regarding the publication of student materials shall apply, and The Echoes will not publish materials which also fall under the guidelines established by the Council Bluffs Public School system, and are deemed libelous, obscene or a material and substantial disruption to normal classroom activities
The views expressed are not those of the Council Bluffs Public Schools, faculty, staff or administration.
All articles are researched, written, edited and designed by the staff, and are the result of editorial decisions made by the entire staff.

Any student, faculty or staff member wishing to contribute materials will need to submit a letter to the editor within deadline restrictions; however, final publication is at the discretion of staff. Letters to the editor are encouraged, and must be 400 words or less or less in length and signed; letters will be printed as received. Every attempt will be made to verify the authenticity of the author, and no anonymous letters will be published.
Advertising will be accepted for all products or services that are legal for minors to possess or utilize. Advertisers wishing to reserve publication space should call 328-6481 ext. 425.

Newspaper Staff



Alex Hulett
Kylee Short

Section Editors

Cassandra Davis
Nasia Collier
Jonathyn Stiverson
Bailey Peobody

Graphics Editor

Sara Truong
Tayonna Thomas


Sarah King
Callee Adkins
Mackenzie Koesters
Arlette Milstead
Mia Kawamitsu
Aidan Morgan
Anna Boes
William Jones
Amanda Lewis
Tatum Schulenberg
Ethan Shellito
Lilli Thompson


Gerry Appel